Chef's Nuts

No.. not those ones.Tut tut.Shame on you...If you've arrived here via some dubious google search,looking for gratuitous thrills this is not the place, so be off with you.

No folks,today a recipe,well,not so much a recipe,more of a suggestion.

We created these little plumptous beauties(sorry Nigella),as a bar snack.They are especially delicious served with cocktails.Mine's a Gin Martini made with Plymouth gin and an olive please.

Whoever was it that said "a good Martini is an olive with an alcohol rub"?Perfect metaphor.

First buy a selection of natural nuts..Pleease....I'm beginning to realise now this would be the perfect subject for Nigella ...Glances coyly at camera.

I bought mine at Waitrose.I look nothing like the other ladies shopping in their Anthropologie frocks,but what the hell,my money's as good as theirs.Or so Chef says..

For this batch we used peanuts and cashews.Almonds work really well also,it depends how solvent you are.

Next,place them in a baking tray and add:

Garlic cloves-bash them with the back of a knife to release the flavour but leave them whole(don't peel).

Fresh herbs(we used rosemary,thyme as we had them in the garden)
-use whatever you fancy,within reason, garden mint for example might not be the best idea.Woody type herbs are best,aim for a dry roasted effect.

Maldon sea salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Place in a moderate oven for around 15-20mins

Serve either:

a.immediately when warm-with cocktails; the smell is utterly delectable.


b.parcel up into small pots and sell at the bar,they make a very classy bar snack.

Note:if you plan to eat as a snack later/sell its best to place in a sealed container for a few days,shaking regularly to allow the flavours to permeate before selling/eating.

That is, if you can wait that long...


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