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Fork Handles

I am spending an increasing amount of time these days talking at cross purposes with people.Simple everyday conversations are becoming daily more protracted and complicated beyond belief.
I think I'm displaying the symptoms of early onset dementia.
The truth is unless you enjoy talking to people or more importantly eavesdropping their conversations you wouldn't last five minutes in this job never mind the length of time I have.
Lately, we've attracted a couple of regulars who I'd put in the category of high maintenance punters.Don't get me wrong, they're dead canny but not the sort who come in the 'smile-order and pay up happy' category.These two practically want to know your whole life story including what you ate for breakfast yesterday and the colour and style of your knickers if you were willing to share the information
And they've been coming in far too often.
There's a fine balance between being a well loved regular or an annoyingly needy …

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