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Shit Happens : Vol 2

If there's one event guaranteed to bring me back here it's  the dreaded Bank Holiday weekend.
I'd spent the days prior potting up an array of colourful bedding plants so the garden looked tip top ready for the holiday and was feeling pretty darn proud of my efforts,in fact I'd go so far as to say that I had in fact created The Chelsea Flower Show of the North but without the crowds..a comment surely destined to come back and bite me on the backside before the weekend was out.
Anyway, the sun was shining,I was chipper and I thought I'd get Chef outside to appreciate my efforts.
'Have you got a minute?'
Giving feedback on the status of my horticultural efforts is not exactly high on the list of Chef based priorities on the morning of a Bank Holiday but no matter I pressed on..
'Can you to come and have a quick look at my garden?'
I hadn't noticed nearby and within earshot, a  recent employee who has turned out to be, shall we say,a bit of a loose …

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