News update from Up North

Nothing notable or hugely interesting has happened this week,apart from being hideously and constantly busy.
Chefs latest pearl of wisdom this afternoon was:I know now what it must have been like to be on the slave ships;intense heat and sleep deprivation.Nice.

I think he was feeling the aftermath of yesterday,we hosted three events back to back.
A wedding(which went swimmingly and without a hitch),see cake below,I think it turned out quite well but I'm not sure if I'm a bit of a traditionalist.What do you think?

A "golfers" do which turned out to be actually a rugby tour of young 20 something jocks,Scots.Best quip from one of their party:Oh so glad you're OK,I know Rothbury's only a short distance away.Mildly amusing the first time we heard it but wore thin after a time.
We suspected the booking wasn't as it purported when one of the party arrived dressed in a sequin frock and Dolly Parton inspired wig.Together with the vuvuzela they brought along you could say it wasn't the usual clientèle you would expect in a genteel country pub.Especially when the rendition of Queen hits kicked off..

The booking had been made quite some time ago but earlier in the week we had been called and informed that all 25 of them would be having steak and chips.Hmmm said chef I wouldn't have taken the booking if Id known they were only having a main course.(We are usually fully booked on a Friday and most people don't just come in and have one course)
Self:Yes but we've never excluded anyone just because they're not spending enough. (I'm far too kind)
So the booking went ahead.

The room was devastated.Grilled tomatoes and sticky drinks spillages all over my lovely wooden floor.Hey ho, no permanent damage though.

The room was quickly reset for the last function of the day.The footballers presentation.Just a local team but they meet at the pub every Friday night.
Surprise, surprise yours truly was unexpectedly presented with an award:
The Zaira nara top WAG award.I would like to claim Zaira and me share an uncanny likeness, but sadly that's not the case.Not the type of award I would normally covet but gratefully accepted anyway.Its nice to be appreciated.I'm still basking in the glory today....

and admiring the lovely bouquet I was presented with.

And all this on top of our normal daily business!

Finally,I had to share with you this lovely picture of the two pigeon chicks which have just hatched outside our kitchen window..don't they look like ducks??

Time permitting, I'll be posting my planned item tomorrow which includes some goss on the Sol Campbell/Barrett wedding and also a review!


I like the cupcake cakes, as it were, but think you should have a "normal" wedding cake as well. Lovely Bouquet you got there! Have a great weekend.
I kept looking at the cupcakes and thinking they looked a bit "Noddy in Toyland" if you know what I mean!
FortyNotOut said…
Am not a lover of pigeons but those chicks are very cute! My you have been so exhausted just reading it all. Love those cakes by the way. may have to go in search of cake this afternoon on mine and Small Childs duck feeding expedition! xx
FNO-No, me neither but they are woodpigeons.
Don't bother with cake for the ducks,sliced white bread goes down a treat!

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