The following is an exact transcript of a letter sent to our local council in appeal against a parking ticket.

Dear Sir,
I received this ticket on(date) because I was parked in a Disabled Bay without a badge.This ticket was issued correctly as I am not registered as disabled.However,at the present time I am receiving Augmentin(antibiotic)to clear up a condition called Orchitis,which affects men's testicles,making them swell, in my case to almost twice the size.This in turn is very uncomfortable and renders even walking very painful.Hence when there was no close parking bays adjacent to the shop(and three empty disabled bays)this was my only real option to minimise discomfort.
To verify the above you may contact my GP(contact details enclosed).He diagnosed my condition last Friday.I have also enclosed a print out description of Orchitis plus an empty packet of my prescribed antibiotics.If you require a GP letter please let me know,the only issue being they usually charge £25 which is almost the charge for the ticket issued.
I trust you will take my appeal into consideration as I assure you that it is not easy writing about such a sensitive matter.
Additionally, I was only shopping for some shoes for my daughters christening on Sunday otherwise it would have been the last activity I would have undertaken.
I look forward to your reply in due course.

A compassionate response restores one's faith in local government.


how bizzare! was this someone you knew!?!
Indeed it was.
Bizarre in that he sent the letter or that the council cancelled the ticket??
Young at Heart said…'s a good thing he had the balls to appeal........
Alison Cross said…
At least your Council has a soul...somewhere.

Young at Heart - ouch, that joke was AWFUL LOL!

Ali x
Young at Heart/Ali-I liked the joke,wish I'd thought of it first!

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