Bah Humbug

This time of year brings out the worst in people.

Or perhaps its only this time of year that these particular people come out of the woodwork.Gawd knows what they do the for rest of the year,most probably sit in front of the telly planning the intricacies of  next years festive excursion.
We had the pleasure of the first exceptionally demanding Christmas diner today.With a party of five who by chance happened to be acquainted with another table of six people who were booked in at the same time.It was his idea the two groups should come together in the spirit of the season and dine together.Admirable.We asked if they wanted separate bills.'No' says the instigator 'just put it all on the tab and we'll sort it out at the end.'

During the meal he repeatedly made himself known and not in a good way.The type of person who asks for things when they're already on their way.Looking for problems and all the while feeling important because HE KNOWS YOUR JOB MUCH BETTER THAN YOU DO.
Towards the end of the meal he committed the ultimate blasphemy.He stuck his hand in the air and waved it around flag like until he caught someone's eye, then rudely gestured them over.This is tantamount to knocking on the bar for service but unlike the person who taps rudely on the bar for attention you cant pretend not to notice this particular performance.
'Can we order some coffees?' Note the absence of any polite P word.
Perchance,I happened to be out front on this occasion and had the personal pleasure of the summons.I was a bit peeved that the waiting staff hadn't offered coffees already.But they had.Two minutes prior to this.He didnt want them then, but now he did.
Quite an assortment of coffees,espressos, cappuccinos(all decaffeinated)lattes and for HIM a Macchiato,which I'm sure he only ordered because he thought we wouldn't know what it was.
(BTW Can someone please explain to me the point of a decaff espresso??)
I sent the first of the batch of coffees over,the cappuccinos and lattes.As the waitress put them down on the table HE piped up 'I ordered a decaff Machiato??'
'Well as you can see we only have one bloody coffee machine so we can only make 4 bleeping coffees at a time,so stop being so bloody impatient' 'Yes, its on its way' replied waitress.
I could hear this exchange from the coffee machine.For some strange reason I made the Macchiato last....
As his coffee was put down he asked 'is it decaff??'
Waitress: 'Yes its decaff'
Him : 'are you sure???'
Waitress:'yes its decaff'

Will someone just tell him to STFU?

When the bill was presented HE came swanking over to the till requesting that the bill be spilt into:
Food only, then split into 5/11 and 6/11,with the wine being added to the 5/11 and all other drinks added to the 6/11.Then (wonders never cease)a tip of 10% added to each.
So what he actually wanted was two separate bills,as discussed previously.

He stood over the girl who was trying to make this calculation,chipping in with the odd sarcastic 'is there a problem???'
If you've ever been in this situation you will know that even a simple calculation can become problematic in these circumstances.
He continued to invigilate over her then proceeded to instruct her as to how best to make the calculation,finally resulting with two separate bills.'Are you happy with that??'he said smugly.
A simple mental calculation on my part told me that the two revised bills did not add up to the amount on the original bill.
It was naughty but I kept schtum.
I knew he had erred in our favour, proferring a far more generous tip than anticipated.
There is a God..
I may refrain from posting on here over the festive period as I seem to have a dearth of Christmas cheer.

You see the trouble with customers is they are exactly like meals,sadly the bad ones are far more memorable...


God I hate people like that, what’s the point of going out, they should stay at home and drink their decaff free tofu alone; I don’t see the point of decaff coffee full stop. Surely the point of coffee is to get a buzz, I think it’s only Exmoor Jane who likes the taste of it. ;-))
I think you've just described my brother... he is honestly the most horrible person to dine with, no respect for the staff and a true self belief that he has the right to talk to people like that because he'll be paying a bill at the end... there are 2 things I would do... one, print out your blog post and leave a few pages lying around for a few days... two, be happy in the knowledge that this man is probably very sad and lonely and has a rather small penis... x
Dear NS, what a twat! I can't bear any sort of waving about in restaurants!

Who on earth drinks decaff coffee anyway. There is no point. You deserved your extra tip! xx
Alison Cross said…
Wot a DICK!!!! He sounds exactly like my brother in law. I went out for dinner with them a couple of years ago and was SO mortified by his behaviour I apologised to the waiting staff when I went to the toilet.

I can't BEAR pompous-arse people in restaurants.


Ali x
Decaf coffee is a bit like pork free pigs. Pointless.
I feel sorry for the ignorant sod's poor wife. Can you imagine putting up with that crap every night. Maybe he thinks drinking Macchiato gives him Machismo. I hope it gives him indigestion
Perfect everyone agrees with me!
lalabibaby@dreaming of the simple life said…
Hi visiting via Hearted Shaped's blog .... what an arse and quite agree - decaff coffee what is the point ... like veggies eating pretend bangers and bacon! My DS1 has worked in a pub restaurant over the Christmas period for some 10 years now and has met some twats ... this year is his first one off and he is so glad he doesn't have to face all that turkey!
What a dick. You must have the patience of an angel – and need it at this time of year!

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