The Strange Case of the Fillipino Blackberry Farm

Background context
An acquaintance of ours is in the process of purchasing a prawn farm in the Philippines.

Chef:Did you see that story in the paper this morning about the people in Indonesia that were crushed in a stampede to buy half price blackberries?

Self:No.....Can you not get them over there?

Chef:Well they were selling them off cheaply,people were knocked unconscious and injured.

Self:That's what Acquaintance should be doing.


Self:That's what Acquaintance should be doing,planting a blackberry orchard.

Chef:Eh??What are you on about??

Self:Acquaintance should plant a blackberry orchard.Instead of the prawns.He could clean up.

Chef:EH?? Are you serious??I'm talking Blackberrys not blackberries,you know like the one you've got in your hand right now....

Self:..............oh! (manic laughter)

Chef:You klampet(tears rolling down cheeks)I can see the headline now 'hundreds trampled underfoot in mayhem to secure half price punnet of blackberries'
Bargain punnet


Chef:I think you need a holiday.

Personally, I think Blackberry is a silly name for a mobile phone.....


I heard it on the radio and thought it was a fruit stampede. So what does that say about both of us! Doh!!!
I heard about the blackberries and also thought it meant fruit.

I thought "Strange, i didn't know that Indonesians would have a taste for uch fruit when the country is full of much more exotic fruits like mangos.

BTW What sort of bush grows prawns on your Aquaintance's Prawn Farm?

I know you can get Bush Prawns in Aussie.
Wally B said…
Apple started it. You should google ronnie barker and the blackberry skit. It is hilarious.
Chef is right though. You do need a holiday. Hint Hint
Since I posted this several others have come forward to admit the same mistake.
TSB I dont much fancy the grub fest,these are you know proper prawns..
Wally- Just googled the Ronnie CORBETT thing-HILARIOUS.Really fancying a holiday..
Young at Heart said…
hilarious.....I had no idea!!
Alison Cross said…
Got to say, I'm totally with you on this one. I thought he meant blackberries as well, not Blackberries.

Which I tend to call a Blueberry anyway.

Prawn farming sounds nicer and warmer than running pubs in the bleak midwinter in the UK, doesn't it?!

Have a happy One when it comes!!!

Ali x
Looking forward to your next post dear sis, a little taste of home. Looking forward to enjoying a cappo at Cafe Nero when I next get back :-) XXX

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