This morning I happened to notice a bit of a strange comment on a post I wrote here yonks ago.
At first glance I thought it was written by a interweb pervert (note the 'I love the sound of the custard powder' comment) hoping for a bit of an intimate one on one conversation with me about me bum 'ole.
As it transpires its an actual genuine offer.
An invitation to appear on National telly to talk about me bad ass.
Who'd have thought it?Me and me bum on National telly...me and me bum in lights....I can see a sparkling future for me and me bum...
I quickly searched on line to book meself in for an urgent Bumjazzle.
Hold on a sec.
In point of fact its actually Chef's Ass they're interested in,mine never having felt the benefit of this particular affliction. So I thought I'd better pitch the idea to himself,maybe I could still grab a little of the limelight in an 'Im going places, wanna come along for the ride ??' kinda way.
Unfortunately this involved a reading of the original post and the resultant bombshell that his ass was already all over the internet was not received with warmth.
There followed an expression of mild disinterest,the well known *what have you been up to now* face and an exaggerated Cheffy eye roll.
In any event, I do like to keep a low profile and in light of my previous foray into the world of radio and the subsequent shocking discovery that I sound like I've inhaled a whole tank of helium,its probably for the best.
All you Cheffy lot out there now have the opportunity of your first foot on the ladder to telly chefdom.
PaulW@Outlineproductions.co.uk would LOVE to hear from you.
Yup, me and me ass are staying under wraps.



Steve Slatcher said…
For some reason I stumbled across your "chef's ass" post a few days ago. Can't imagine how. I think it is great that Paul Windle promises "a scientific trial to get to the bottom of whether it works or not" :)
Tina said…
This is great!

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