You would not believe some of the stuff that I have to deal with via email on a daily basis.
It was a bloody frangipane tart..
Also any suggestions as to how to break it to her that it was elderflower not elderberry ice cream??

 WE had a wonderful Meal while vacationing in the area 
unfortunately we had not discovered you when we rented the Apple tree cottage two years ago.. eve so we had ventured down some of the narrow lane  in that area.

we enjoyed every moment and every bite. unfortunately we left the day after and could not come back to taste more.
there were four of us...
 one originally from Wallsend,one from Munich, Germany and two from St Louis MO.USA ..but now all living in  the USA.
we wanted to taste everything as your menu is so wonderful and imaginative .. to be topped off with the most wonderful tastes... 
When it came to the dessert  it was even more so enticing to try everything,but there was limited room in our  tummy's. 
So we opted for the gooseberry/almond "tart" with gooseberries on the side and Elderberry ice cream... all of our favorite tastes incorporated in one.

Unfortunately Gooseberries are a rare find where all of us live- but two of us can find it once a year for ca 2 weeks at the farmers market in New York city...
ELderberry. in drinks, jams and other ways to be had are impossible to find in the USA.
but one of  my most favorite tastes of my childhood.

( I grew up in Munich and it was a staple in the summer, with blossoms used to make "lemonade" or dipped in pancake batter as dessert of on a friday as a meatless dish.
or the black berries later ,mixed with apple pieces,, in jars to be used over the winter month,as a compote over rice pudding.. etc( we had no ice cream in the  winter month then....)
great memories  to indulge when found, now even rare in the UK....

BUT what a delight to  see all these component in one glorious  dessert...we shared  one
as this was all we had room for.....we should have taken some with us ,including all the other fabulous combinations....to have  for breakfast. ? last meal in the UK.
but we didnt..
what we all still do , is talk about the unbelievable tastes we had and also missed, even so we ALL had selected different items on your menu...
aside from the menu we loved the space, and very much appreciated the great service of your staff.

is  there any way to ask for the recipe of the Gooseberry /almond tart .
unfortunately the Elderberry ice cream has to wait until one day we return to your Inn for more adventures for our  taste buds.

if  you would share the recipe we would all be in 7th heaven...
if we are lucky: please send recipe to my e-mail:
....so we can re-live the experience and also share it with our  friend here in NYC and in  St louis Mo. USA

thank you


Be brutal.
Be honest,
IT WAS ELDERFLOWER ice cream, and the 'almond tart' is a frangipane.
No I won't send you an email.

There is this lovely invention called GOOGLE, try it sometime.

Sorry about Trump, but people generally get the politicians you deserve.
The USA must have done something REALLY bad.

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