Its been a stressful week.
The Sensible One has been settling in Halls at university.Its been quite strange without him,not unexpected since he's been hanging around for eighteen years now.
Having checked in via phone the first couple of days I was then curtly informed:
'Mum you don't need to ring me EVERY day'
So I havent.
Yesterday,he rang me.He's only been gone one week and in direct contravention of his name and now dwindling reputation he has managed to lose:

His driving license
His bank cards
His card swipe for his room

Actually his reputation is in tatters.
By the time he called me he had organised a replacement room key which cost him 20 quid.Bank cards had been cancelled and new ones ordered,which were to be posted out to our home address.Hence the reviled but necessary call to me-he requires them posted on asap.

Clearly all mislaid on a quiet night out,following which after lengthy negotiations with the security guard he had managed to secure himself an uncomfortable couple of hours in the communal social seating area until morning.Also sporting some impressive *UDI's which comfortingly had gone down well with his peers at morning lecture.
Consolation indeed.

So I've been worrying a bit and confided in Chef this morning.To which he retorted:
His only mistake was to take out his wallet,what he should have done was taken out the amount of cash he was prepared to spend on evening social activities. What are you worrying about??he's gone to university and got drunk.That's what he's meant to be doing.Just let him get on with it..

Which was of no comfort but true..

Meanwhile back at the ranch,Only Daughter has dyed her hair.Brown.
Now this may not seem controversial to you,I mean its not blood red,electric blue or peroxide white,no that would have been far too predictable a route. Only Daughter has beautiful natural blonde hair which is regularly admired and many would pay fortunes to emulate,so I'm a bit puzzled as to why she would prefer it a nondescript and fetching shade of TURD.
Foolishly I confided that I preferred her hair its natural colour tactfully(I thought)complementing the colour and how fortuitous it was to possess such attractive natural blonde hair.I was met with the expected raised eyebrow,disgusted leer accompanied by:

'well,actually its my hair and I prefer it brown'.

Have I mentioned that Only Daughter fancies a career in law/criminology?

At fifteen she managed to secure herself a coveted place at the Law Courts in Newcastle for two weeks work experience.Impressively, she organised this herself,making contact personally and then attending an interview. She was informed that places were highly sought after and not to be disappointed if unsuccessful-only eight places are offered each year and hundreds apply.Unsurprisingly she was quite pleased with herself when she was selected.
It emerges afternoons glued to Diagnosis Murder and Murder She Wrote were not spent in vain.
She was delighted to experience time in various departments including sitting in on a court case.
A particularly enjoyable couple of days were spent in the District Judges office,Only Daughter was allowed to man the reception desk and chaperone and announce appointments to the judge.We were treated to a demonstration at home:

*Knock on door,Enter office, Your Honour, your 2 o 'clock is here*.

Also serving tea and refreshments which obviously she was very adept at due to a wealth of relevant experience in the pub.
Seemingly quite a lot of time was spent chatting to judges and barristers in chambers which Only Daughter very much enjoyed being quite the busy body.By the end of the week she knew where they lived, what their hobbies were and how many children they had..actually what she didn't know wasn't worth knowing.
Given that Only Daughter's existing wardrobe failed spectacularly in meeting the required 'appropriate clothing' clause even the humiliation of the Dorothy Perkins polyester black trews purchased especially to fulfil this criteria(I hope no one wearing hairspray comes close to me in these things or they'll go up in a blue light) was forgotten.

Now that was two years ago.This week Only Daughter had organised an afternoon attendance at Newcastle University for a 'Meet the Jury' event.Gone are the days when achieving entry to your chosen course at university is dependant solely on your actual exam results. Associated activities and proof of relevant interest are now also a required element.The 'Meet the Jury' event was identified by Only Daughter as perfect for inclusion on her CV.The afternoon would encompass a talk about the relevant courses on offer and also involvement in a mock trial and verdict.The event chaired by an actual judge.

As the attendees filed into the lecture hall and took their seats,Only Daughter was spotted in the crowd and singled out by the judge.He addressed her by name and enquired how she was getting on and expressed pleasure that she continued to pursue an interest in law.Only Daughter basked in the reflected glory as ninety nine sets of envious eyes looked on.

As this tale was related to us later at home we were amazed, What???he remembered you and your name after two years?? Amongst that crowd of people????

Only Daughter:You see Mum, some of us don't actually need blonde hair to stand out from the crowd.....

Methinks pride cometh before a fall........

(*Unidentified drinking injury)


Pavel said…
The Sensible one will learn, don't worry about him though. It's best to get the silliness out of the way early on. Losing his access card was extremely daft though. get him a lanyard to wear under his clothes on nights out! He'll not lose it that way.
Charlie Smoothy said…
I love your blog, it's refreshingly honest, don't worry about the UDIs - I came home with a few the other night, they remain to be a brilliant talking point and ice breaker. The Chef is right about not taking out a wallet, or if he does want to take a wallet, empty it, only take cash and one bank card! The Only Daughter seems very impressive, I really admire her, she's doing the right thing to get into uni - wish I'd have known what career I'd wanted to do before applying. Things will settle down, with me being a girl I talk to my mum a lot more than The Boyfriend who emails or gets a weekly phone call. Hope you don't worry about him too much :) Charlie xxx
Young at Heart said…
oh yes...it's all leave me alone I can do it until it goes wrong......went through similar when my son accidently lost his wallet recently, although not convinced it isn't burried beneath the debris accumulated in his room!!
Eldest daughter is well set to go far, whatever hair color she ends up with. Speaking from personal experience, there is no hope for eldest son, at least on the wallet front (see previous blogs). Where'e Wally's Wallet is a game we play often in this house.
Alison Cross said…
I think that she's afraid of being regarded as Blonde. There is nothing wrong with having turd coloured hair. In fact, I've just paid £60 to have my grey transformed into a sort of red turd colour!

Your son's uni escapades will continue on in same vein for 3 years. I was that same student!

BTW - didn't get e-mail. Send again alison.cross2@virgin,net

Need to come for eats and hugs!

Ali xxxxx
Pav-a lanyard,wonder if I could convince him..

Charlie-thanks I'm trying not to worry!

Young at heart-exactly right keep away until I need something....

Legend-I can't really comment too much as I'm famed for losing car keys every day..

Ali-sent the e mail again hope you've received.

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