Variables, winds and snow from the North

A picture of the wintry landscape perfect illustration of one those unpredictable variables I was telling you about previously.Its the morning view from our window.

Always one for a challenge,Chef convinced me to venture out for a little sortie in the 4 x 4.We boldly went where no man had gone before,well not before the snow plough came round anyway.
Resulting in a veritable drought of customers,we're  haemorrhaging cash, business currently as brisk as a Mr Whippy at the North Pole.
So I've been at a bit of a loose end.Chef advised taking advantage of the unforeseen respite and suggested a welcome bit of relaxation and rest.Difficult for someone who finds sitting still so problematic that she hasn't been to the cinema for around 20 years.,.(actually that's a lie, I have been once, last year in Singapore which was a completely surreal experience which I might tell you about at a later date).
I needed a project.I've been wanting to have an attic clearance since we moved here three years ago.Last Saturday I tackled the job.
I uncovered a treasure trove of old books which kept me up there for about 8 hours..
Second hand book shops are my guilty pleasure, which is slightly weird as I'm a bit  Howard Hughes with library books,probably since my Dad told me not to get books out of the library as YOU NEVER KNOW WHO MIGHT HAVE SNEEZED ON THEM..
No matter,I'd struck old book jackpot with this find.
I've picked out a couple of loosely on topic gems for your delectation and pleasure.

A 1947 copy of A book of Inns.Mostly South Eastern Inns,gawd knows what this was doing in a rural attic in Northumberland..The pic on the front is the White Lion Hotel at Eye.Its now White Lion House:

  'Looming over the small market place is the extensive rendered frontage of White Lion House, which until 1987 was the White Lion Hotel. Now divided into houses and flats, the gateway into its yard has a unique arched sign above proclaiming a ‘Posting Establishment’. Next to this, in the hotel’s former off licence, is a secondhand bookshop, the unambiguously named Eye Bookshop' Suffolk Tourist Guide.

Sadly I'm sure many of the other Inns featured will have suffered a similar fate..
Found a nice little bit of prose in here which I might use on the web site.It seems to be a bit of a trend to do this doesn't it? Or do you think that's a bit naff?They're usually Hilaire Belloc quotes.
Anyway this is a William Combe :

'Along the varying road of life
In calm content,toil or strife,
As morn or noon,by night or day,
As time conducts him on his way,
How oft does man by care op'ressed,
Find at an Inn a place of rest?'

Unless they've been converted,to apartments of course..

Next up(in the manner of X factor)its:Helpful Hints for Sommeliers and Wine Waiters.

The stylish medallion our handsome model is sporting is known as a 'tastevin'.An historical tool of the trade which was latterly worn as a Medal of Honour to denote Sommelierly status, I've yet to see a wine waiter wearing one of these.If you ever do you might just want to shoot them Id love to hear from you.Actually I've found one for here it'd look perfect with a LBD and some vertiginous heels.Ideal teamed with the silver plated Crumber which I was gifted many years ago by a work colleague.Just what I'd always wanted..
Couldn't date this book but there's a section on food matchings,the wines are exclusively French, no sign of any New World vinos.

Going off subject here its:The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayam.

A 1914 copy inscribed on the inside cover: 'To Miss Fletcher with love from PSD. 1, Sept 1923'

.How mysterious and polite,very Downton Abbey..I wonder what happened to them.What a treat:

'Awake!for Morning in the Bowl of Night
Has flung the Stone that puts the stars to Flight!
And Lo!The Hunter of the East has caught
The Sultans turret in the Noose of Light'

I'd swap this for the Crumber any day....

Finally(something for everyone)a 1938 copy of Harrow School Song Book.

Rousing stuff.Nowt like a good sing-song in times of hardship and adversity.
Actually this made me feel a bit teary due to the inscription and photo on the inside cover from a dashing naval type named Martin,signed to Dorothy.

 And then on the next page a photo of them on their wedding day..

And you thought I was all dissing diners,double entrendres and diatribes..
Normal service will resume in the spring.


delicious book find... I'm a hoarder of birthday cards... I hide them in books on the shelf and years later when I come to open them they fall out and remind me of younger days!... loving the snow... sorry about the lack of business but it does look pretty... I just managed to escape the worst of it in Lincs... had to come down to London for an event this week but The Viking just called to say they're snowed in! so jealous!
Dear NS (I never know what to call you), I'm so jealous of your snow! I know it's totally impractical but it looks so beautiful.

What great books! I love secondhand book stores and especially signed books with a bit of history. I keep adding you to my blogroll so I don't miss your posts but it won't accept you the stupid thing. Off to try again now. Hope all's good with you and thank you for all your comments xx
My dad said that there was about a foot and a half with more on the way. it's a shame it drives away custom. I'd be in there morning noon and night.
What a great find. Old books are a real treasure, especially those that have inscriptions.
Alison Cross said…
Sorry to hear that you guys are so quiet ;-(

Love the treasure trove of books - the inscriptions can spark off so much in the way of creative day dreams, can't they?

My whole nanowrimo book was inspired by an old diary, kept by a very young girl, that Tertarus found in a secret cavity in a wall he was demolishing with friends.

Tied it in to a couple of old family stories I went.

Hope the snow disappears soon. Is there any publicity stuff you could do, using the snow? Not got a clue what that might be, just thinking whilst typing.


Ali x
You must live more north than me. I live in Staffordshire and it is so horrid out :( Ah the things I've done for love (like moving to the UK from sunny Florida!).
Keep warm daaaaahling.
*kisses* HH
Young at Heart said…
oooh it does look good though...snow angeles and hot chocolate with a shot...or is that just me?? Love the old books, I found an old plane ticket in one the other day which had my imagination working over time for days....stay warm!!
Wildernesschic said…
I love old books ... like you though I am fed up with the snow, I think you have probably had it worse than us this time although there is no sign of this shifting for the time being xx
Dom-I have a friend who is afraid to throw out birthday cards,she thinks it will be bad karma if she does.Unfortunately her attic is getting fuller and fuller..hope you got home ok in the snow!

Christina-Its hard to reconcile the beauty with the lack of business!

lEGEND-Its the roads that are a problem we're at the top of a hill,but there's always walking!!Hope you're Dads managing ok with the snow.

Ali-Fascinating cant wait to read your book!

HH-Crikey Florida! Couldn't be more different!

YAH-Sat by the fire with a book now!

Wildernesschic-You're right getting a bit bored with it now.On the plus side the pub is nipping clean, you could eat your dinner off the floor with all the cleaning that's been going on!
Miss Whistle said…
What a treasure trove! I hope you're singing jolly hymns from the Harrow songbook to keep you warm and I hope the snow isn't too miserable. We're a bit jealous here in LA but I do understand that Enough is Enough.

Miss W x
Diane said…
I really feel for you when you have to run a business and you get a curved ball like the snow. xxxx

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