Wine heaven exists in Clitheroe

If you ever happen to be anywhere near a small town in Lancashire called Clitheroe,you could do a lot worse than stop by this unimposing looking little shop.

The tiny front shop area extended through various doorways to a warren of the most impressively stocked cellars you could imagine.
Expensive taste?-no problem
Aladdin's cave

I thought I'd died and gone to wine heaven.

Wines conveniently grouped by country and region

The shop has been there for generations,the nineteenth century fittings still in use.
Bottles stacked ceiling high, accessed via library style ladder.

Like to see an authentically dusty bottle though we were told turnover at the shop is quite brisk-I'm  not surprised.
Helpful recommendations,very knowledgeable staff.

Like a nice Pomerol
If you like wine you will like it here.In fact why wait until you chance by,its well worth a detour.

Yes,I know this is an uncharacteristically sensible post but we couldn't help but chuckle when we spotted this at the far end of the last cellar,the sofa shop next door most inappropriately named...

Quite fancied buying Chef a bottle of Port for Christmas from the year of his birth

We settled on a couple of less expensive little treats..shortly after which Chef shoe horned me out of the door and back to reality before any permanent financial damage was incurred.

D Byrne and Co-Clitheroe


Pavel said…
There is always something amazing about a little wine shop. This one looks really good as well. Haven't been to Clitheroe for ages as well. Love it all the more when the staff have that bleary eyed look of someone who imbides a little too much of the product as well!
Blimey Clitheroe's gone upmarket since my last visit - but that was about 30 years ago!
Young at Heart said…
wow what I find...... I really want a glass of red now!!
Pav-the brothers who ran it said they'd tasted everything..

TNMA-yes it was quite unexpected..

YAH-you would have been spoilt for choice here!
Are we talking about the same Clitheroe here, the one in Lancashire? Who'd have thought it.
What a wonderful find.

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