Happy New Year from Up North

I thought I might give you a little flavour of our New Years Eve at the Inn.
First the menu

To start a glass of this

First Course:Veloute of leeks with roasted chicken

or Spanish meats with Manchego and roasted figs

Fish Course:Pan fried red mullet with rosemary butter and roasted fennel

The picture taking fell by the wayside at this point, due to things becoming a tad fraught,67 main courses of sirloin steak or rack of lamb to get out of the kitchen pretty much all at the same time..I did get a quick pic of the racks a la pan though,before the proverbial shit hit..

This is the bar just before midnight

And after we'd evicted the punters  to view the fireworks!

So here's the fireworks/how to watch the entire evenings bar profit go up in smoke,if I were clever I should have set this to some music perhaps a bit of Ravel or Vivaldi.But I'm not, so you'll have to make do with the banal background banter and idle chit chat.
What this video failed to encapsulate was the sight of Chef legging it after a firework missed his heed by inches,despite the instructions to retire to at least 50 yards safe distance.All of which I was blissfully unaware of being at a distance very secure from the threat of any danger myself,of course.



Mrs P said…
Your New Year sounds fab for your customers - I need to know where you are, we are up for a trip out for lunch or dinner to break up the Winter months - how far from North Wales roughly?
gastrogeek said…
A fantastic sounding menu and New Year's shindig - really like the sound of that leek veloute.
Dear NS, the food sounds wonderful. Have a fabulous 2011, love Christina xx
I'd better start saving room in my tummy for my visit this year.
Happy New Year.
Exmoorjane said…
Looks FABULOUS.....and now I'm nearly regretting going vegetarian and teetotal as part of my new year life shift!!

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