Friction in the ranks

There's a run down pub in a village not very far away from here that's recently been purchased and has been the subject of quite an extensive refurbishment.
Today, I eavesdropped Compo,Clegg and Foggy having a good old chinwag about the money that's reputedly  been spent by the new owners.There was a lot of sniggering going on,lots of nudging and secretive whispering followed by raucous laughter,which needless to say sparked my interest.In truth, the comment which made me sit up and listen was the reference that 'it was obvious that one of the new owners hailed from the Big Smoke,due to his mode of attire'.
I was intrigued to discover which item of clothing in particular identified this fellows origins so precisely.Apparently the dead giveaway were the 'crumpled cream slacks' which are only ever seen on chaps from the Big Smoke ...
To put this observation in perspective,we are actually in the heart of Johnnie Boden/Fat face country here,so anyone wearing something even remotely cosmopolitan would be viewed as controversial.In fact on a Friday evening I would be very surprised if you looked around the bar and didn't manage to spot the same(current season of course) Fat Face sweatshirt at least twice.

Ahem,how can I put this diplomatically.. the gist of the conversation centred on the hilarity and exquisite aptness that these particular two gentlemen incomer owners had purchased a pub so named: 'The Queens Arms'.

This week saw the erection of the new pub sign:

The sign has caused a bit of an uproar,with some villagers even citing the outrage as treason..You probably cant make the out the detail from this picture but the tat on Lizzies arm appropriately depicts the name 'Phil'.
One of the partners has been quoted as advising that the cartoon represents his mother,his fathers name being 'Phil'.(Before you ask- no his name isnt Eddie)
The article in the local rag outlining the blasphemy contains the best quote I've seen in some time,possibly ever.
The local squire landowner(a Major no less),and regular customer of ours, was quoted thus: *dons raspberry corduroy pants,tan suede brogues,sucks in cheeks and adopts exceedingly plummy accent*:-

'some of our villagers are JOLLY CROSS..'

How I wish worldwide conflict could be resolved so politely..

Personally though not offended, I'm baffled at the audience a sign such as this seeks to target.Certainly not the betweeded ladies/gentlemen(of which there are plenty in these parts) who grace our fireside.

For some reason instead it evoked the memory of this particular gem:

BTW:We're off to check out the opposition next Monday.


I can do a good impersonation of Compo without even trying. I'll have to pop in for an eavesdrop. See you soon
love a bit of controversy! they've definitely got everyones attention, which was probably their point... I think we've all lost our sense of humour... maybe send in Chef (if he's as good looking as you claim) he may cause a stir and you may get some truth out of them!
legend-looking forward to it!

Dom-You've hit the nail on the head,it actually made the local TV news last night!
Alison Cross said…
I really like the sign, it's an irreverent and witty take on a very common pub name, thereby setting it apart - but if it's not the sort of thing that would attract locals/ visitors in for a meal, then it has failed in its job as advertising.

I guess time will tell.

You live in FatFace and Boden Country? I live in Primark and Factory Shop country *glum face*

By the way, when I'm not shrieking profanities, I *do* use 'JOLLY' quite a lot lol!

Ali x
Pavel said…
Haha - I love it! It's amazing how emotive people get about pubs. That pub sign is 100% awesome though :^)
They have people talking about them, can't get cheaper advertising than that.
And that video is hilarious!
The sign is funny although I'm not sure I'd have chosen it!

You must go and review the food when they open.

Electric Six's Gay Bar never fails to make me laugh. Hope you're having a good week xx
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for wonderful food and company. Please say thank you to your regulars for putting up with us.
Legend: Thank us?They're all asking if the musicians will be here every Friday :)
Young at Heart said…
as they say no publicity is bad publicity.......can they live up to yhe hype??

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