Its always best to travel light...

Though I'm no photographer I've come to the conclusion that in certain locations its pretty difficult to take a bad photo.

A fine brew

'View through the window of the Shitmobile'

In contrast to previous form,Chef managed to pack our stuff in an actual suitcase.
Though admittedly, his reputation was rapidly restored with the revelation that his our toiletries were handily contained within a knotted doggy poop bag.
'Dont worry, its clean..'
Chef likes to travel light.
A three day break will typically involve minimal packing with sufficent clothing for the three days only and little deviation.
As in his work life every detail meticulously planned with no margin for error.
As we arrived at our first port of call I realised the freshly ironed shirts designated for evening wear remained conveniently hanging on the back of the bedroom door at home.
Being a casual kind of a guy, a flicker of delight flashed across Chefs face as he realised he might well have been gifted an unexpected reprieve and may indeed be dining out for the duration in favourite attire: t shirt and jeans.
Later that night we encountered our second wardrobe fail.
Id forgotten to pack my PJs.
'I'll just borrow one of your t shirts' I say.
Chef frowned,'But that's going to leave me one day short..'
'Its OK' I say 'we can buy you a couple of t shirts tomorrow...'

If you fancy a bit of clothes shopping,DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT go to Skye.
Please note,there are no shops on Skye selling regular clothing.
Things were getting desperate when on the final day and just prior to a nice meal out,and worryingly with Chef still no suitable and clean top to wear, we chanced on the Talisker distillery shop.

Amidst the wonderful range of malt whisky were (joy of joys) a selection of t shirts...

That evening as we sat troughing our very nice meal and sipping a nice crisp Riesling which paired perfectly with the langoustines,I complimented Chef on his new smart attire.
 Glancing around furtively, then down at his discreetly branded frontage Chef was unconvinced.
'I look like an American tourist..'
Much later as we knocked back our post prandial Sammy B's( and aided in no small part by the unusual availability of chefs favourite brew), the mood had lightened somewhat.

 'They probably think we've won this in a competition' said Chef...
'One more for the road??'
Why not.


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Funny feeling that the previous comment was a spam?

Anyway, glad you enjoyed yourself on the Isle of Skye.

Every time we went there the Talisker Distillery was closed, which caused me great pain, as apart from Laphroig, Talisker is my fav.

Picture of chef in his T?

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