What I ate yesterday.

Mug of Earl Grey Tea
(Don't bother speaking to me until I've had this)

Glass of Cranberry and soda

Bacon and grilled tomato sarnie made with 2 slices gluten free bread
Total Calories:500

Roast beef and Horseradish sarnie/2 slices gluten free bread
Mrs Crimbles gluten free chocolate brownie
Black coffee
Total calories:550

Half a bag of Mature Cheddar and red onion kettle chips(Family size)
Shared in the car with Chef en route to collecting Wheels from detention an appointment at school.Hmm, these taste fatty, says Chef.Yes, but fat is flavour.Agreed.
Total calories:500 (crikey)

Bowl of gluten free pasta with roasted celeriac and spring greens,
in a creamy sauce with wine and Parmesan
Bowl of mixed leaves with tomatoes,olives,red onion,French dressing.
Total calories:600

Three scoops of Panacotta and fudge ice cream,with double cream.
Black coffee
Total calories:350

Large glass of Sauvignon Blanc.
Regular pkt of McCoys.
Small pot of mixed olives marinated in chilli,red peppers,Herbs de Provence,garlic and olive oil.(Couldn't resist,made them this afternoon)
Total calories:300

In addition,grazing throughout the day,chips(probably a portion in total,tasting sauces and various other dishes).
Total calories:400

Also-3 bottles fizzy water:0 calories(toot toot!)

Note:I have approximated the calorific value after seeking advice on the internet.I haven't included drinks in the estimate,other than the Capuccino.

Do you think that's too much??
I wonder what you ate yesterday..


Anonymous said…
move away from the bar...
Ha Ha! Not quite the response I expected!
Young at Heart said…
this panacotta and fudge icecream.......sounds dangerous but delicious!!
Young At Heart-yes it is,very dangerous..
Grazing Kate said…
really liked this post - when it started with the earl grey tea and cranberry and soda, I thought to myself, oh no, some smug mum who can live on air and is boasting about her new-fangled 'easy' diet...and then by the time you got on to the panacotta and fudge ice cream I was cheering you on! All sounds lovely.

I never used to diet but now that I'm approaching 40 (in 18 months time) have decided that it's unfortunately time to eat more sensibly. I try not to actually 'diet' though as that makes me eat more. Boring but true - the old metabolism has slowed down and it's too easy to gain weight. But I'm no diet bore - I drink skimmed milk but have full fat butter on my toast, eat plenty of salads, and then finish off with a huge wedge of delicious crumble and clotted cream. And then some truffle brie if I'm lucky....!

Today I ate: 2 slices toast with marmite, some cherries, an apple, a ham, cheddar and mango chutney sandwich, a stroopwaffel (Dutch syrup waffle biscuit), homemade chicken curry with Moroccan courgettes, rice and naan, meringues with raspberries and ice cream and a couple of squares of chocolate. Oh, and just had half a pork and leek sausage from the fridge! God, I thought that had been a good day - perhaps not....
Hi Kate-Yes things all went rapidly downhill after the cranberry and soda.Its quite revealing when you actually write down everything you've eaten,glad to see someone else enjoys their food!
No, this seems like a normal daily amount to me - but then I am quite greedy so might not be the best person to ask!
Yes Im quite greedy too,most days there's also a couple of pkts of giant choc buttons in there too.
FortyNotOut said…
Have just eaten some kettle chips myself accompanied by a vodka, lime and tonic. I need to go and do my dinner! Yes you can tell Other Half is away tonight - I'm utterly cr*p at cooking for just me! x
FNO-Ooh what a great combination!

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