Eggs en Cocotte

Thought I might just show you one of the dishes we served using the glut of Ceps which we stumbled upon here.

Eggs en Cocotte is a classic French dish,the name coming from the small oven proof pots which the eggs are baked in,usually with a knob of butter and perhaps some cream.

Escoffier lists variations on the original,some using different sauces such as Bechamel,or the addition of tomatoes or Asparagus.

Which gave us an idea...

Wild Mushroom and Duck Egg Pots


Duck eggs
Mushrooms(we used Ceps but use any type will do they don't have to be wild)
Gruyère Cheese
White wine

Thickly sliced white bread to toast


Dice the leeks and slice your mushrooms.I haven't given quantities-we never weigh anything but work on about equal quantities.
Place in a pan,season with salt and pepper and sweat in butter until soft.

At this point the mixture can be cooled and stored in the fridge until needed.

Place some large ramekins on a tray and heat in the oven.

Meanwhile place a large tablespoon per pot of the mushroom mix into a small saucepan.Heat gently.
Next add a splash of white wine and some double cream and allow the mixture to bubble and reduce until the cream has thickened.

Remove the pots from the oven and fill with the mushroom mix to about half full.
Next crack a duck egg into each pot,grate some Gruyère cheese on top and return to the oven until the white has cooked and the yolk is still runny.
About 20 minutes.

Serve with toast soldiers.

Cough..I have a confession to make.
Cooking in a commercial kitchen isn't always as straightforward as the scenario I've described above.
In practice we found that the duck eggs being quite large took too long to cook to order in the oven.
In addition the outside of the white was overcooked whilst the inside was still way too liquid.
(If you were to use hens eggs you probably wouldn't encounter this problem)

As you can see...white still partially gloopy.

So,what we actually did was poach the duck eggs (whilst the mushroom pots were heating in the oven),then add them to the pots(grating some Gruyère on top)before finishing them off under a hot grill .

On Friday night these were flying out,were in fact sold out before 8pm.
Perfect,and at £5 per portion that's not going to do our GP any harm.

Apparently we're going 'shrooming again tomorrow, so any further recipe ideas gratefully accepted..


I love oeufs en cocotte. Gonna try this recipe for sure.
How about individual Beef wellingtons. You can flag up the mushroom duxelle accordingly.
here´s an expat pining for something trad!!!!!I have a great recipe for a twist on the classic fried breakfast. An ideal brunch item "Bacon eggs and mushrooms in in a ramekin".
You could do it "sur le plat", which isn't as deep and would avoid the extra step, but this looks and sounds delicious.
Good luck with the hunt.
Alison Cross said…
I am honestly salivating at this. Must, must MUST try this.

I can get duck eggs out of the fish shop....will go out later IN THE RAIN to get them - that's how much I want to eat this today!

Ali x
O-coz-eggs bacon and mushrooms in a ramekin I like that-could work as a starter!

Legend-yes good idea-an "on toast" item.Re the hunt collected another huge bag of Ceps yesterday.

Ali-Hope it was worth the effort!
At today's market price, you'll be able to retire soon if you get any more. My favorite cep (porcini) dish is very simple. Sauté ceps with a few diced shallots in olive oil and add to fresh tagliatelle, cracked black pepper and a sprinkling of fresh marjoram. Serve with, or after a dandelion salad of hard boiled eggs, crispy bacon/lardon and croutons. Frissée works well if dandelions are in short supply
Young at Heart said…
that looks utterly delicious....brilliant comfort food!!
Pavel said…
One of my favourite dishes of all time... That;s made me very hungry looking at it and love the idea of poaching the eggs first for consistency.
I eat eggs a lot, especially when I am eating dinner on my own, its really fuss free. I love how you served this with little soldiers. Nice :)
*kisses* HH
Exmoorjane said…
Over from Ali's blog and now intrigued and wondering where you are....we were up in Northumberland just a few weeks back...husband is drooling over my shoulder (most unpleasant) at your eggs en cocotte...
Exmoorjane said…
Ooh, thanks for commenting and letting me know. Next time we're up must pay you a visit - husband writes about pubs (on Twitter as @ATJbeer ) and part of the job is finding good 'uns!
Yes, totally beautiful inland too... we keep saying we need MUCH longer time up there to explore more....
Next time you're in Embleton or thereabouts go visit my pal Fred's new shop/cafe - Eleanor's Byre - (though not sure links are working quite yet)... on blogger too -

have a feeling you might like it!
Jane-Thanks for the link to Eleanors Byre, its down on my list of places to visit!

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