This is the one where we finally lose the plot.

You know in these times of austerity and widespread economic hardship we consider ourselves very lucky indeed to be at the helm of a successful business.We heard a couple of weeks ago that the pub has finally made it into the last of the guide books which we weren't in(toot toot)
So a very comfortable position for us,time to kick off our shoes,sit back a little,rest our heads on the antimacassars and toast our toes in front of a roaring fire.
A chance to feel a welcome respite from the pressure and enjoy the fruits of our labour,perhaps even take up a HOBBY.( I do actually have one in mind for when I retire, its a bit controversial might tell you about it at a later date..)
Actually no..
You know when you are chasing something and the anticipation is such that you can constantly  feel the excitement of getting close to your goal,but its just out of your reach and there's the danger that you might not quite make it?
I think its called adrenalin.(Or maybe the build up is invariably better than the main event,if you get my drift).
Then when you finally get there,it all feels a little bit,well FLAT...
We should be feeling like Charlie Bucket after he's discovered Willy Wonka's Golden Ticket,but what we actually feel like doing is going in search of another ticket..

Chef summed things up with typical but accurate brevity:
'That's it then..Its all a bit boring now isn't it'
Followed by:
'What are we going to do next ?'

Rural pubs are still closing at a rate of knots.Anyone entering this business in the current climate would need their head examining.

A glance at the trade press and its easy to find some amazing bargains just crying out for someone with a bit of enthusiasm(well to be honest you need more than enthusiasm,a bit of expertise and some spare cash wouldn't come in wrong) to snap them up..

(Its becoming a tad obvious where this is going isn't it..)

Imagine if you will,a rural pub,even further off the beaten track than this one, which is about to close its doors.A dying business,just waiting for someone to breathe new life into it.
Imagine balancing two businesses,one a thirty minute drive from the other,setting up one(this is the bit we're particularly interested in), whilst not taking ones eye off the ball with the that would pose one hell of a challenge.

We pick up the keys in two weeks time.

I think there's a fair chance we're a couple of serial business start up offenders,hopefully this one wont be the first to go pear shaped...

Bizarrely I found this today,amongst the selection of antique books which I have scattered around the pub for customers to browse:

No one admits to leaving it and its certainly not one of mine..
Do you think its an omen??

So if things go a bit quiet on here for a while,you know why.
You can follow the chaos developments on Twitter @mynewpub ,if you're interested...


beki said…
Best of luck to you - admirable step - if I can help at all please let me know - worked in the trade for a long time - rural food led pubs with accommodation!
If anyone can, you two can.
That's brilliant it's going so well, you've worked really hard.

I'm sure you'll do a wonderful job with the new one too xx
Alison Cross said…
Snippet!! Been trying to get into this page for AGES (for some reason my pc arbitrarily decides to STOP loading some pages!).

A pub!! Fantastic!! Have you got bedrooms in this one?

Marvellous challenge and we look forward to reading all about the opportunities that are going to experience (note: OPPORTUNITIES, NOT PROBLEMS!)


Ali xxxxx
Young at Heart said…
oh brave and briliant ......maybe you could name new pub after book? Would catch the eye if nothing else?? Good luck......
Thanks for all the comments.
Ali-sorry no bedrooms yet,but I'm working on it!
Grazing Kate said…
wow! haven't been checking my fave blogs frequently enough and now I hear this huge news...
Well done, go for it - with your unique world view, enthusiasm and talent, it's bound to be brilliant. Funny though, how we make life harder for ourselves! That's part of the fun of it.
PS my word verification today is 'suckf'. Oo-err

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